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Today's news in 10 minutes

Today's news in 10 minutes

May 19, 2023

Today CNN 10 heads to Capitol Hill where congressional leaders are deeply concerned with the risks of artificial intelligence . During a Senate panel hearing, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman urged lawmakers to regulate AI, describing the technology's current boom as a potential "printing press moment" but it's a moment that he says requires safeguards. And before you go, Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin wins this year's George Halas Award, which is given to the NFL player, coach or staffer "who overcomes the most adversity to succeed." All that and more on this episode of CNN 10.


1. In 1991, CNN became the first network to live broadcast a war. Which war was this?

2. The end of what covid-era immigration policy has so far brought fewer migrants than expected?

3. From our CNN Heroes spotlight, what's the name of the nonprofit that provides scholarships and mentoring to college bound students who have incarcerated parents?

4. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen says the government could run out of money to pay its bills by this date if Congress does not raise the debt limit.

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