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Google Pixel Watch review: a good first attempt

Google Pixel Watch review: a good first attempt

Google Pixel Watch review: a good first attempt

Unusually for a smartwatch, the Pixel Watch only comes in one small size with a 41mm case. Its domed Gorilla Glass 5 screen merges smoothly into its stainless steel body, which is available in a choice of three colours. It is a simple and unfussy design.

The watch certainly looks and feels well made, and is comfortable to wear. Despite being quite thick, its smooth finish slides under shirt cuffs without issue.

For those with smaller wrists, the compact size will be a boon, but it was a bit too small for me. The screen is bright and crisp and can be turned on all the time, which I think is an essential feature for a watch. But it is smaller than you might expect, with large bezels around the outside. The predominantly black interface hides well but text, images and information look pretty small on the 3cm display.

Google does not provide an expected lifespan for the battery but it should last in excess of 500 full charge cycles with at least 80% of its original capacity. It cannot be replaced and the watch is currently unrepairable.

It contains 80% recycled stainless steel. The company publishes environmental impact reports for some of its products including the Pixel Watch. Google will recycle old devices free of charge.

It displays full notifications from your phone, including images in alerts and chats, with the ability to respond to them. Typing replies on the watch is hard as the keyboard is tiny but voice dictation works pretty well.

Sleep tracking is good, with cycles, breathing rate and heart-rate variability all recorded.

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