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A Silver Route Adventure Through Mexico's Colonial Cities

Visitors will find several tours through iconic sites relating to the silver mining industry in the 16th century.

A Silver Route Adventure Through Mexico's Colonial Cities

In the time of the Spanish Colony, mining was a significant activity in Mexico with the extraction of precious metals such as gold and silver. Today there are several tours for visitors to admire the most important places of the silver mining industry since the 16th century.

These are some of the most exciting mining cities that may be visited on guided tours to discover interesting abandoned mines and acquire fine crafts made of silver.

This fabulous city, located in the state of Guerrero, between Mexico City and Acapulco, is one of the most emblematic in terms of the silver industry in Mexico. The charm of its cobbled streets and the history of its colonial past make this place an enjoyable site for travelers.

Many tours, starting in Mexico City, offer visitors splendid weekends in this city full of culture and crafts around silver. In addition, it has essential sites to visit, such as the Parish of Santa Prisca, commissioned to build by a wealthy French mining entrepreneur from the 18th century.

This extraordinary Baroque-style building remains intact and maintains its regular activities. Outside, there are two large towers and a beautifully decorated facade. Visitors can admire unique paintings, ancient sculptures, and gold leaf decorations. In addition, it has a splendid pulpit made of precious wood, which is also intact.

Taxco tours include two nights of accommodation and pedestrian walks to know, in addition to the Parish of Santa Prisca, other historical sites such as Casa Borda, Casa Humboldt, Casa de las Lagrimas (Tears), Game of Ball, Convent of San Bernardino, Statues Penitentes and, of course, the famous Silver Market. In addition, the village is full of restaurants with national and international food and drink menus.

This city, located in the north-central region of Mexico, was one of the most important mining centers in the New Spain era. As a result, today is quite a popular site for national and international visitors interested in the culture and history of Mexico.

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