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Best Tours for Visually Impaired Travelers in Latin America

Visually impaired travelers in Latin America discover plenty of exciting places to visit.

Best Tours for Visually Impaired Travelers in Latin America

Visually impaired travelers in Latin America find exciting places to visit with world-class services and expert guides on tours designed with experiences involving the senses such as hearing, touch, smell, and taste.

Usually, tours are carried out in small groups. However, in countries such as Argentina, Ecuador, and Peru, these trips are increasingly popular, including adventures through natural environments where they can enjoy extraordinary local cuisine. These are some of the most recommended tours in the region where visually Impaired travelers find support services such as explanations in Braille and recorded on audio systems.

In this beautiful South American country, visually impaired travelers enjoy fantastic cities, such as Buenos Aires, the capital, and Salta, to give just one example of one of the most attractive destinations in the province. Walking through Buenos Aires, visitors can't miss taking a tour of the Plaza del Congreso, an extraordinary park designed by the French landscape architect Carlos Thays, where people enjoy listening to the sounds of birds, touching many originals and replicas of classic European sculptures, as well as feeling the contact of a large number of flowers and vegetation that adorn the place.

There are tours in the typical Boca neighborhood where tourists can feel the aroma of familiar Italian cuisine, as well as in the Puerto Madero and Recoleta neighborhoods where they can find great restaurants with specialties like the typical Argentine roast meat, as well as excellent international recipes.

On the other hand, Salta is a colonial city with a delightful main square where visitors find the Town Hall, considered a National Historical Monument built in 1626 that currently contains the North Historical Museum and the Colonial and Fine Arts Museum. Here visitors can touch and feel some of the pieces and listen to the explanations of accredited guides. Another exciting site is the Cathedral, a baroque Italian construction in which visitors hear answers while traveling the three naves of the structure and, if there are no religious celebrations, touch some parts of different ornamental motifs made of stone or wood.

This beautiful country offers excellent attractions for visually impaired travelers who can take tours along its extensive nature and enjoy unparalleled experiences with a wide range of sounds and flavors. Ecuadorian tour operators offer different travel options exclusively designed for blinded or partially sighted tourists. In addition, there are interactive activities in places with extraordinary biodiversity along the Andes mountains or in the fantastic Amazon jungle, as well as in the most emblematic colonial cities of the country.

Visitors to Quito, the country's capital, have specialized guides offering sensory tours of the city's historic center. The visitors our museums, parks, restaurants, and churches while guides explain the characteristics of the places in this city recognized as World Cultural Heritage. Tourists can touch the walls of historic buildings such as the Carondelet Palace to feel the history and culture of the place. At the same time, the guide explains other historical monuments of the city, such as the Metropolitan Cathedral of Quito, a Gothic-style temple for the characteristic of its pillars and arches. Inside, visitors can touch a part of the structure and appreciate the designs of Baroque and Arabic- influenced architecture.

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