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Five Wheelchair Accessible Travel Destinations in Latin America

Travelers with limited mobility can still access these spectacular places.

Five Wheelchair Accessible Travel Destinations in Latin America

In Latin America, wheelchair-bound travelers or those with limited mobility can find facilities to suit their needs in the most popular tourist sites, such as the heights of Machu Picchu in Peru or the Iguazu Falls on the border between Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay, among other destinations.

These are some of the most important places where travelers in wheelchairs can enjoy the nature and culture of different sites of Latin America.

To get to these ruins travelers have to go up a steep climb to the heights of the Andes mountains, but for people in wheelchairs that is not a problem because the company Wheel the World offers tours in which visitors use a special steel and aluminum chair that allows them to climb the mountain and enjoy the path until reaching the sacred city of the Incas.

A four-day itinerary tour combines cultural and natural sites and includes adapted biking, a visit to Ollantaytambo on a Joelette Wheelchair (all-terrain), and a Cusco city tour. In addition, there is a wide choice of accommodations in accessible rooms and support for special requirements.

Wheel the World offers services in more than 160 destinations around the world with expert support that makes the experience unique for travelers needing to use wheelchairs.

Considered one of the new Seven Wonders of the World, this stunning location allows wheelchair users to tour the tourist area along the Argentine National Park.

The area boasts more than 8,700 yards of walkways and trails that wheelchair-bound visitors use to reach the best viewing point of the iconic Devil's Throat. The path is supported by railings and ramps to make the route more friendly.

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