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How to Spend Three Days in Saudi Arabia

There are many options, but visitors will want to decide on one major region of the country for their vacation.

How to Spend Three Days in Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia feels like it's a world away, and it's also considerably larger than most people realize. In fact, Saudi Arabia is more than three times larger than the state of Texas, and it's the largest country by land area in the Middle East.

With that in mind, having three days to spend in the Kingdom means you'll have some important decisions to make upfront. Because of the vast amount of land area you would have to cover to visit more than one place, you'll probably want to decide on one major region of the country for your Saudi vacation.

But, where should you spend three days in Saudi Arabia? And, what should you spend your time exploring once you decide?

While an array of popular and off-the-beaten-path tourist spots in Saudi Arabia could easily surprise you, here are a few options and attractions to consider for a shorter Saudi trip.

Saudi Arabia's capital city of Riyadh is as stunning as it is surprising, mostly due to its interesting combination of cutting-edge architecture and technology alongside ancient ruins and historical buildings. Visitors to the city can see some of the Kingdom's most famous structures, including the iconic Kingdom Centre Tower with its must-visit sky bridge. Luxury hotel options also abound in Riyadh, with the option to get some sleep in the Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh or the Ritz-Carlton Riyadh, or even in the celebrated Al Faisaliah Hotel.

Riyadh's 19th-century Al Masmak Fortress, which looks like a giant sand castle, is also worth exploring in the capital city, as is King Abdullah Park with its lawn, trees and lakes with shooting fountains.

Riyadh's National Museum may require a full day to see due to its many marvels, including a prehistoric mastodon, ancient rock carvings, replicas of the buildings of old Jeddah and more. Visitors here can learn all about Saudi culture while getting a glimpse at how the Arabian Peninsula looked millions of years ago.

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