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Rustic Glamping in Queretaro, Mexico

Near the capital city of Queretaro is Bernal, a unique site where you can enjoy spending some days in the middle of the mountain with your family, pet or only yourself.

Rustic Glamping in Queretaro, Mexico

When we go out, we want to enjoy ourselves in a big way, experience everything new to know, and be amazed by the details that make the difference.

Going camping is one of those activities that can be done as a family, with friends, or as a couple. However, not everyone enjoys all that an outdoor trip with only the stars for shelter has to offer.

Insects, inclement weather, and complications in meeting basic needs such as personal hygiene are just some of the inconveniences of camping.

Of course, for many, this is not an impediment. On the contrary, it is a bonus in any adventure, almost a necessity to enjoy the outing. For those for whom camping outdoors is more torture than fun, there is an excellent option: glamping.

Glamping is a mix between luxury and connection with nature. It comes from "glamorous" and "camping," as you would imagine. It's about lodging in the middle of nature but with the comforts and luxuries of a hotel. It is sustainable and eco-friendly tourism taken and cared for with the facilities of luxury hotels.

It can be taken as a luxury vacation, waking up surrounded by nature most comfortably. There are several ways to do glamping. This depends on the ecosystem of the destination. It can be from a desert to a jungle or an island. The point will be to reconnect with the natural environment with glamour. Now, if you are looking for glamping destinations in Queretaro, just two hours away from Mexico City, here are some options for you to consider.

Glamping is a terrific alternative that gives you the best of nature without sacrificing comfort.

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