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Six Beaches in Mexico You Can't Miss

Mexico has some of the most beautiful paradises in the world, capable of making any traveler fall in love.

Six Beaches in Mexico You Can't Miss

It's well known that Mexico's beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world, so many locals are not so quickly surprised when they learn about the shores of other countries.

What do travelers think about the best beaches in Mexico? It is important to note that each person's preference for a particular beach can be related to several factors. Some travelers prefer less crowded beaches, where they can have a good time without so many people. Others prioritize the scenery they can find, and some look for something accessible and not too far from the airport they are arriving at.

Some people prefer famous beaches, where they can meet friends and even find easy parties to join. Others are especially attracted to Mexico's secret beaches, where there are almost no tourists but only breathtaking natural scenery.

Thanks to Mexico's extension and natural diversity, its beaches are fundamental destinations for every traveler, where they can relax and have fun. To give you ideas for your next getaway, we have prepared a selection of Mexican beaches you must visit.

It has been the sun and beach destination par excellence for many years. Located in Guerrero, its beaches border the Pacific Ocean. They have been ranked among the most beautiful in Mexico because they are surrounded by mountains and cliffs, as is the case with the iconic La Quebrada. Acapulco is divided into three tourist zones: Traditional, Golden, and Diamond, which have a wide variety of hotel developments to suit all budgets.

Don't miss the beautiful views from Sinfonia del Mar, an arena for outdoor events with a spectacular panoramic view of the bay. Another must-see attraction is the Submerged Virgin, which protects fishermen and sailors, measures more than two meters, and is located under the sea of Roqueta Island. For your peace of mind, this is one of the beaches in Mexico that has the Safe Travels seal, in addition to 62 sanitation modules along the coast. Make your dream trip to Acapulco come true.

With its fine white sand and turquoise blue waters, Cancun is one of Mexico's unmissable beaches, not in vain millions of travelers visit it every year. In its 22 kilometers by the sea, this destination has 11 beaches, most of them with the Blue Flag distinction, which guarantees clean and safe beaches. In addition, its coasts are ideal for water sports such as scuba diving, snorkeling, and kayaking.

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