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The Best Surfing Beaches in the Caribbean

The Caribbean has beaches with powerful marine currents that generate perfect waves for surfers, regardless of their experience level.

The Best Surfing Beaches in the Caribbean

The Caribbean has beaches with powerful marine currents that generate perfect waves for surf lovers, professionals, and beginners, who reach these paradises of crystal clear waters and radiant sun all year round.

Here are some beach recommendations from Panama, Aruba and Costa Rica that no surfer can miss on their visit to this beautiful region.

The Bocas del Toro Islands, located in this Central American country, is an archipelago where the sea conditions allow surfers to enjoy some of the best waves in the Caribbean, mainly between December to March. One example is Playa Dumpers, located in Isla Colón, a favorite destination for international professional surfers. However, it should be noted that this place consists of a tipped reef, shallow, so surfers must be experts to avoid accidents.

Punta Carenero, on the other hand, is a beach with big waves but calm, which makes it perfect for beginner surfers who can practice this sport almost all year round thanks to the excellent weather condition and the sea currents of the area. Furthermore, this site guarantees classic waves with very defined frequencies that can be taken from the beach's shore or some meters offshore, where surfers can reach by boat.

Paunch, in Isla Colón, is one of the most recommended places because its waves move both on the left and the right. Here surfers find all kinds of waves, from the hardest and strongest for professionals who enjoy making turns to the quietest that beginners seek. Another advantage of this place is that surfers can quickly arrive by road.

Besides having the best white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, this Caribbean gem is a paradise for expert surfers seeking rough waves at extraordinary places like Wairuri Beach. The waves of this magnificent surf spot work best with offshore wind from east to northeast. The beach break offers left and right spirals, perfect for surfers to enjoy all stages of the tide. However, it is recommended that those who challenge the waves are expert surfers to avoid hitting the rocks.

Another excellent surfing place is Dos Playa in the Arikok National Park. It has two natural caves that visitors can reach on foot and where only expert surfers enjoy strong waves almost all year round in a natural environment almost virgin, which also allows them to relax on the fine white sand after a fun day of sun and surf. Dos Playa is in a bay with large cliffs that make the waves rise in peaks with barrels of waves that rise and fall along the beach. In addition, surfers must consider that this area abounds with rocks, corals, and underwater currents.

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