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The Red Sea Project in Saudi Arabia: What You Need to Know

Saudi Arabia's Red Sea Project is another one of the country's major tourism initiatives.

The Red Sea Project in Saudi Arabia: What You Need to Know

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has taken monumental steps to boost its tourism industry since opening its doors to international visitors from 49 countries, including the United States, in late 2019. From outlining all the amenities, dining options and luxury resorts in major destinations like Riyadh and Jeddah, to explaining the historical significance of the tombs and well-preserved ancient city in Al-Ula, the Kingdom has chosen to market itself as a destination for adventure travel and exploration.

Saudi Arabia's Red Sea Project is another one of its major initiatives, and it's one that should bring tourists in by the millions once each of the project's main features reaches completion. Read on to learn about Saudi Arabia's Red Sea Project, all it entails and why you should plan a visit in the coming years.

Saudi Arabia's Red Sea Project is a brand new tourism hub that's being developed on the western coast of the country along the sea and between the cities of Umluj and Al Wajh. This location was chosen due to its proximity to the infamous Red Sea, which is home to the fourth-largest barrier reef in the world and more than 90 pristine islands that have never been disturbed by man.

The region surrounding the development boasts an array of bewildering landscapes, including dormant volcanoes, mountain canyons and endless deserts dotted with historical cultural sites. The project was also created with the environment and sustainability in mind, and a range of environmental studies was used as plans for the community were made. To protect the rich beauty of Saudi's Red Sea and preserve it for generations to come, less than 1% of the total site is actually being developed. The development also has plants to achieve a "30 percent net positive conservation benefit by 2040," which they aim to reach by "enhancing key habitats that help biodiversity to flourish."

For consumers, the Red Sea Project aims to offer the ultimate relaxing getaway in a beautiful and unique environment that cannot be enjoyed anywhere else in the world. The destination's first guests will arrive in 2023, and the area should have plenty of amenities and places for tourists to stay by that time. An international airport is also being planned for the Red Sea development at a future date.

Major Red Sea features coming to fruition in the coming months include:

-Desert Rock, which is currently being developed as an in-mountain hotel with rooms and suites built directly into the rock and stone

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